It’s a privilege

How do you feel about the passage of time? 

Time’s arrow flies one way. Each of our lives is headed in a similar direction. At some point, we will find ourselves at the finishing line.

I sincerely hope that that finishing line arrives much, much later rather than sooner, for each and every one of us.

What stands between each of us and that finishing line is a lifetime.


How do you feel about the passage of time?

Time will keep on slipping (into the future, as the song would have it*), no matter how we might feel about the pace at which the days and years fly from the calendar. The flower will grow, blossom, and eventually whither.

If you can, if it is remotely possible for you, it is worth taking a moment each day to appreciate the world that is around you at this moment, and your place in it. I sincerely hope that every day of your life will offer you something to appreciate. If reasons to smile seem in short supply, then I sincerely hope that brighter days await you, just around the corner.

Things are often so much better than they might first seem. It is sometimes just a matter of perspective.

A few weeks ago, I happened upon a lovely and appreciative perspective on the passage of time:

“I love getting older. It’s a privilege.”

These words were shared by my good friend Dr Paul Taylor-Pitt in an instalment of his weekly Postcards from the Edge of Employment series.**

I happen to agree wholeheartedly on this. A wee bit older than Paul, I turned 50 a couple of months back. As I wrote on the big day itself (in Gratitude):

“Today, I feel nothing but gratitude for the privilege of being alive to see this day, of all days. I am amazed to have made it this far. I am delighted to be here. For some reason I have always looked forward to being in my 50s. And now, at last, they are here.”

No matter your age, no matter what today might hold in store for you, I sincerely hope that it feels like a privilege for you to be here today.

Time’s arrow flies one way. But that doesn’t mean that our perspective on life has to flow just one way. Later the same day that I read that particular Postcard from Paul, I happened across the following words while out on a walk (strolling past a hard-hatted figure who holds up a different motto outside a local business each day):

“It takes a long time to become young.”


May you be nothing but kind today, to others and to yourself.

May today be nothing but kind to you and yours.



* The song in question being Fly like an eagle by the Steve Miller Band.

** Paul’s Postcards series is now available as an Amazon Kindle ebook, also entitled Postcards from the Edge of Employment).


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