Skelelife (in rhyme), by Mr Skeleton

Skeletons. We all have them. Yet all too few of us appreciate all that they have to offer. Let our genial host Mr Skeleton guide you through the skelelife, in rhyme.

This is post number 250 on Thank you for taking the time to read these words, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy what Mr Skeleton has to say, and that today is nothing but kind to you and yours. And should you need a little more Mr Skeleton in your life:

Skelelife (in rhyme), by Mr Skeleton


Mr Skeleton am I

Somewhat bony I be

The task of furthering the cause of skeletal appreciation falls naturally to me.


When first skeletons awake, the joys of a skeletal day ahead

They might profess to prefer their coffin or bed.


Yet encaffeination

Of a skeletal persuasion

Is all that’s required to inspire their truest vocation.

With Beyonce Knowles-Carter I might beg to differ

“Who run this run this?”,* is her question to sets minds aquiver

“Why skeletons, of course”, I respond, without need to dither.


Whether keeping a shop




Or providing the services of a snazzy eyewear model

Skeletons’ commitment to their work will make the mind boggle.

Yet all work and no play makes for a skele that’s dull

So fun’s never far off for those of us with a skull.


We might take time to sniff a beautiful bloom

Or if this afterlife finds us too warm and with too little room

Unto the beach, dear friends, we might skeletally go


Or we may pass our eternity with bubbles ablow.

In commending the skelelife

I’m never hesitant

My favourite jam back in the day was Skele B for President**

So all the skeles who independent

Throw your bony hands up at me***, and join in my chorus:

We didn’t choose this skelelife

The skelelife chose us.


* Mr Skeleton refers here to Beyonce’s Girls (Run the World).

** Mr Skeleton paraphrases here the opening lines of A Tribe Called Quest’s Steve Biko (from their wonderful, wonderful Midnight Marauders album)…

…and in those lines, Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor slightly misquotes the title of Eric B and Rakim’s old-school hip hop masterpiece Eric B is President.

*** Returning with an impressive literary flourish to the works of Beyonce, Mr Skeleton here references the Destiny’s Child song Independent Women. Whether or not his body is too bootylicious for us remains, however, to be seen.


  • All skeletal sketchulence in this post by MJCarty.
  • Photographs of skeletal eyewear models and skeletal shopkeeper snapped by MJCarty in London, during June 2019.




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