The Skeleton Collection: My debut postcard set!

I am delighted to announce the launch of my debut Skeleton postcard collection: A set of three pictures of Mr Skeleton living his best #SkeleLife, available to buy right now!

Gentle reader: These past few months, my #Sketchulence has taken a distinct turn for the bony. I have greatly enjoyed drawing the ongoing adventures of the good Mr Skeleton.


It all kicked off with this picture – both my first-ever experiment with single-line doodling and my first ever meeting with Mr Skeleton).

It’s time to share the good Mr Skeleton with the world. I am launching my first ever postcard set, which depicts three scenes from daily #SkeleLife.*

These postcards are available to buy online right now. They are initially available in very limited numbers. I have 30 sets to sell in total. Please do let me know if you might be interested in a set!

A day in the #SkeleLife


This debut Skeleton Collection is a set of three postcards (from left to right):

  1. Mr Skeleton is perhaps not a morning person. The first postcard in this trio proves that skeletons dread the sound of their alarm clock as much as most other folk.
  2. The second postcard in this set captures Mr Skeleton in a rare contemplative moment. He is deeply immersed in the sounds emanating from his wireless SkeleApple headphones. There is perhaps a subtle influence from Rodin’s The Thinker to his pose.
  3. Mr Skeleton snaps a selfie in this third postcard. Skeletons are just as hooked into this social media age as the rest of us. And yes, that is the very latest SkeleApple mobile telephonic device in his somewhat bony hand.


These postcards are printed on recycled paper, and come wrapped in a recycled paper envelope (avec mjcarty lino-cut logo stamp)…


…plus an address on the back!


Make your life a #SkeleLife! Please let me know if you fancy a set of Mr Skeleton postcards – aka The Skeleton Collection.


  • Contact me to order via DM on Twitter (@MJCarty) or Instagram (@MJ_Carty).
  • The price for the Skeleton Collection is £7.00 This price includes postage for UK orders only.
  • International buyers contact me, and I will provide you with a quote.
  • All payments via PayPal.
  • First orders will be shipped during the week commencing Monday 3 June 2019.


* My good friend Charlie Eastabrook truly gets the whole #SkeleLife thing. She conveys it perfectly in this tweet.

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