Gunpowder, treason and #Blogaversary!

Remember, remember, the fifth of November… A very short post to mark five years since my entry into the world of blogging, and to thank you, gentle reader, for taking the time to read my words.

Turns out I will have to remember something else about the fifth of November, henceforth. Not only is it Guy Fawkes Night… I have just received an automated email letting me know that it is five years ago today since I first launched the mjcarty blog!*

I really have had the time of my life, writing this silly blog. I never know where the written word will take me. As well as marking a half-decade in the game, this is the 208th post on my blog. I am as excited as ever to see what grab my attention to write about next.

Gentle reader, I would like to express my thanks to you if you have ever taken the time to read a single word that I have posted. I love writing so much. I am truly touched that you have taken the time to read this.

Now: Cake?


* This here mjcarty blogulence thing actually started off on a different platform d’embloggenation. But I migrated the whole thing over here to a few months back, and all ye olde posts are now here.


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