Look for what you love (My #Inktober2018 V)

#Inktober2018 is over. It has been a blast! Here’s my fifth and final set of #Inktober doodlings, featuring John Lennon, shadows, a bigshot pigeon and a 60s mod girl.

I have absolutely loved my second #Inktober. When I first tried it last year, it felt at points like a chore (What, I have to draw again?!?). This year has been pure joy from start to finish.

I finished Duncan Hannah’s excellent book 20th Century Boy: Notebooks of the Seventies the other day. A charming careen through 1970s New York, full of foppish decadence, alcoholism, celebrity run-ins and art. Hannah gifts us a happy ending that is unexpected yet delightfully uplifting. An ending which is actually a beginning, with Hannah opening the first solo show of his paintings. The final sentences sum up a lot of what I’ve got out of #Inktober2018:

“Knowing this show has been approaching, the quality of my work leapt forward in great bounds. It’s not a pipe dream anymore. This is real. Some students came up and thanked me, saying this show gave them ‘permission’ to make pictures. Their teachers had told them they ‘weren’t allowed.’ I told them, ‘You never need permission to be an artist. It’s a calling, and if you feel the need to wave your tattered banner, then wave it you must. Look for what you love.”

Look for what you love. You can find it when you draw.

28 October 2018


Shadows. Each Sunday this #Inktober, I’ve been my exchanging prompts for #Sketchulence with my friend Poonam Munshi. You can see Poonam’s distinctly Halloween-friendly take on the topic of “shadows” here.

29 October 2018


OK, owdatheway, bigshot pigeon coming through!



30 October 2018


A second appearance for John Lennon* in this year’s #Inktober doodlings.

31 October 2018


1960s Mod girl.


And at last we come to my very final spot of doodlage for #Inktober2018! A portrait of one a true gent, one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, Mr Steve Browne. If you don’t know him already, please do yourself a favour, and follow Steve on Twitter.

Thank you for bearing with me. And if you fancy doing a spot of doodling yourself – DO IT!

Look for what you love.


* I sketched this picture of John Lennon from the quite wonderful mimed TV spot for I Feel Fine below. One has to admire in particular Ringo’s ability to get those sounds out of that exercise bike!

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