Alice Cooper, Pumpkins and Marvin Gaye (#MyInktober2018 IV)

Halloween is approaching, and with it the end of #Inktober! Here’s my fourth weekly round-up of #Inktober doodlings, featuring seasonally-apt appearances from Alice Cooper and some pumpkins… plus a bonus spot of Marvin Gaye and the third incarnation of Doctor Who!

21 October 2018


You’re poison running through my veins.* My lovely friend Poonam Munshi and I are exchanging drawing prompts each Sunday during this #Inktober2018. This week was Poonam’s turn. She suggested “Musician”. Perhaps it’s the imminence of Halloween that informed my choice, but I felt I just had to draw Alice Cooper! You can see Poonam’s quite wonderful (and very Sherlock-ful) take on this topic here.


I am delighted to report that the new series of Doctor Who (featuring Jodie Whittaker as the good Doctor) has fully reinvigorated my love for the Time Lord’s adventures. Perhaps this resurgent Doctor Who love also inspired this sketch of the good doctor’s third incarnation, Jon Pertwee?

22 October 2018


To soar.

23 October 2018


Open your eyes.


A speedy spot of #Sketchulence.

24 October 2018


Stark facial portraiture.

25 October 2018


The one, the only, Mr Marvin Gaye!

26 October 2018




Smile some more.

27 October 2018


A pair of rather amused looking pumpkins, as Halloween edges ever closer!


This picture of Alice is adopted from the end of his delightfully silly and hard-rockin’ Poison video.



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