My #Inktober 2018 III

My third weekly #Inktober2018 round-up, with a double appearance from Sundae the guinea pig and singular appearances from Bob Dylan, a brightly coloured fish and – in a very real sense – me!

14 October


Each Sunday during #Inktober2018, my friend Poonam Munshi and I are taking turns to exchange prompts for what to draw. It was my turn this week, and I suggested “sleep”. I ended up drawing Sundae the guinea pig, at rest. Click here for Poonam’s marvellous take on this topic!

15 October




Some silly speedy self-portraiture, doodled on my train ride to work.

16 October


A second appearance for Sundae in this week’s #Inktober-ings. This time a profile picture of the great guinea pig.

17 October


A face from the silent era.


Keeping toasty!

18 October



Another side of Bob Dylan? The latterday Robert Zimmerman.

19 October


Some really rather vibrant leafulence.

20 October


A spot of somewhat red and somewhat snappy fishulent #Sketchulence for Saturday!



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