My #Inktober2018 (1): Ink and incapability

#Inktober2018 is upon us! I’m going to round up all my latest #Inktober pictures via weekly blog posts. Here are my first week’s drawings, taking in rabbits, fish and a rather determined phoenix.

This is my second time doing the #Inktober challenge: a picture a day for the month of October. If you’re doing #Inktober too, please get in touch and let me see your drawings!

1 October 2018


White rabbits! Some speedy, rabbit-ful #Sketchulence with which to start the month.

2 October 2018


The fish and her reflection.

3 October 2018


Distinctly determined phoenix.


That says it all. Some speedy sketchulence from my journey to work (with train background for context).

4 October 2018


My second fish-related picture for #Inktober2018. This one was inspired by a beautiful picture of a fishy fountain that Laurie Anstis shared via Instagram.


Readawlaboudit! Another speedy train commute sketch.

5 October 2018


Enter the Frankbot! This pic depicts a wind-up Frankenstein’s monster toy that my wife bought in good time for Halloween.

6 October 2018


Ink and incapability?* Proving once again that what I end up drawing rarely looks like what I set out to draw. This started off as an attempt to draw Bill Murray. In all frankness, it doesn’t look a lot like him. But this fellow has quite a bit of character all his own, I think.


* I have borrowed the phrase Ink and Incapability – which also lends this first of my Inktober posts its title – from a particularly wonderful episode of Blackadder The Third (indeed, perhaps the best single episode of any comedy programme that there has ever been). I think that this one episode (along with A Bit of Fry and Laurie) did an awful lot to ignite my love of language. Regard this wee snippet:

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