MJCarty.com – my brand-new home for #Blogulence and #Sketchulence!

Welcome to MJCarty.com!

My name is MJCarty – aka Michael Carty. I love to write. I love to tweet. I love to share things on social media, and to dive into conversations online about anything and everything (I always marvel at where these chats can end up).

I love to draw. I love music, but purely from the point of view of consuming it (the world is not ready, and never will be, for the very idea of my playing or singing).

This here website is the new home for my blogulent musings. I’ll be publishing all my new blog posts here henceforth. It also works as the new home for all my previous blog posts. Plus, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see my Twitter and Instagram feeds, the latter of which also houses my occasional spots of #Sketchulence.

The blog is called MJCarty for a reason. Every post explores something that has been on my mind, with no further boundaries in terms of subject matter.

If you’d like to get in touch, I’m on a number of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Please do drop me a line. And thank you for sparing a moment or two to have read these words.

May today be kind to you.

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