#SaturdaySix, June 2018 edition: Sharks, guinea pigs, close encounters of the Bill Murray kind

What’s floating your boat right now… or at least keeping you away from the sharks? Here’s my latest #SaturdaySix – a monthly round-up celebrating a sextet of things that are inspiring me. ONE: SHARKS Sharks. Is there something in the air? Or more likely the water? Perhaps it is our present proximity to the Fourth […]

Bill Murray live in London 2018: When will I ever learn?

Bill Murray walks among us. This Monday (4 June 2018) I saw Bill Murray live in London. I still can’t believe this happened. An early summer night’s dream?  Aptly for Bill Murray, the evening was pretty bizarre. Like something Frasier Crane might have dreamt up, then dismissed as too pretentious. Readings from classic American literature, […]

#SaturdaySix (May 2018 Sunday edition!): JK Rowling’s stratosphere, heartbroken hostas, Sussex giraffes

Warmest welcomes to my #SaturdaySix for May 2018 – a monthly sextet of things that are inspiring me right now. And yes, I know this one is going out on a Sunday! Now: what is floating your own boat? I’d love to know – please drop me a line with your own current raves! 1: […]