#Inktober 5: Pumpkins, poppies, pink balaclavas

My final selection of pictures drawn for #Inktober – a month-long challenge to produce an ink picture every single day. I made it through! Viewers of a sensitive disposition be warned: Pink balaclavas are to be found herein…

Sunday 29 October 2017

Decaying open-air coffeeshop pumpkin flower vases of our time. Based on a photo I took last week (Insta-evidence right here!). Well, it is Halloween!


Monday 30 October 2017

Kicking off the penultimate day’s #Inktober-ing with a quickie fish sketch in shades of pink and purple.


Keeping with the pink theme, a speedy portrait of a distinctly (and definitively pinkly) Balaclava’d cycle commuter I saw on this chilly Monday morn (and drew a few minutes later whilst sipping warming coffee on the train to my place of employ.


Super-speedy, perhaps somewhat 1920s-esque portraiture scrawled on my evening train home.



Tuesday 31 October 2017

My final picture for #Inktober 2017 depicts that most seasonal of things, one of the hundreds of thousands of plastic and paper poppies produced at this time each year to raise funds for the Royal British Legion. Please do consider giving generously to the Poppy Appeal. An excellent cause, always.


What I’ve got out of #Inktober

I felt oddly proud and somewhat elated to complete the above poppy picture, and therefore also to bring my #Inktober to a close. It has been wonderful to reconnect with the discipline of drawing regularly (after last Xmas dipping my toes back in to what had been a constant pursuit for the much younger me). There have been days this month when the well has felt dry, and the possibility of drawing anything at all felt impossible. But somehow through the discipline of putting pen to paper, something always flowed out.

I’ve also taken great encouragement from the kind words of my friends, including Poonam Munshi, Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, Heather Bussing, Charlie Eastabrook, Karin Wills, and Mathew Davies. Thank you one and all!

Another highlight has been coming across a perfect album to soundtrack drawing, in the shape of Oversteps by Autechre (which you can listen to at the bottom of this page, lucky you). I will be listening to this one endlessly over the months and years to come.

Drawing is a delight. If you feel like drawing, why not give it a go? I’d love to see what you come up with!

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