#Inktober 3: Draw another day

Fancy giving drawing a go, or getting back on the metaphorical drawing horse? Why not try #Inktober? I’m having a go at this 31-day exercise in producing a drawing a day as a way to “develop positive drawing habits”. You can, too! Here’s my third weekly round-up of #Inktober scrawlings. Now with added Force.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Autumnal acer leaves, inspired by a sight I saw on my early morning walk.


Be nice, I’m sure this puppet is a charming individual once you get to know him/her/it! This #Inktober scrawl depicts a puppet I saw in an antique shop in Lewes the previous day (Saturday 14 October 2017). Photographic evidence here.


Monday 16 October 2017

I kicked off the working week with some post-breakfast, pre-commute drawing. 


A second pre-commute pic, this time digging the purple feline seam a little further. After this, ‘twas off on the commute…


When the tablet is the central point of the universe.


Tuesday 17 October 2017

An #Inktober sketch to remind one and all that the Force will be with you, always.

Inspired by one of a lovely set of Star Wars postcards that my friend Kate Griffiths-Lambeth gave me a while back. Thank you, Kate.


Wednesday 18 October 2017

Anyone who draws will tell you that there are days when any ability you might have completely escapes you, and you just do not like what you produce. That definitely applies to today’s pictures.
The good thing about #Inktober is that it encourages you not to get too
hung up on what you’ve just produced, and to move on and draw another

The first is an attempt at a portrait of Brian Eno (based on one of the pictures here), drawn between breakfast and heading off for work.


The second is a fictional face, drawn quickly on my train to work.


Thursday 19 October 2017

Praline avec lettuce. Having drawn one of our guinea pigs – Sundae – in last week’s selection, it was only fitting that his brother should also get a picture. This was drawn from a photograph I took, as there is no way Praline could have stayed still long enough for me to draw him – and that goes doubly for when he is dining!


Friday 20 October 2017

Smile? OK, that’ll do, I suppose… I so enjoyed my spot of Star Wars-related Inktober action earlier in the week that I thought I’d do a wee bit of a sequel. One thing I am increasingly trying to do with these daily pictures is get out while the getting is good. There is always a point beyond which adding anything further takes away from a picture. Spotting that point – and stopping right before it – is not always easy.


Saturday 20 October 2017

In which Yan meets his reflection at the top of the tank.


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