The blog is a blank sheet of paper


The blog is a blank sheet of paper.

On which the blogger is free to write whatever they please.

You can make up your own mind as to what makes for good or bad blogging.

I’ve come across three fine blog posts over recent weeks, each of which expresses very neatly what you can get out of reading blog posts and/or writing a blog.

Be intentional
I love Ian Pettigrew’s recommendation that the reader takes an intentional approach to blogging. If you can’t find the blogs that you want to read, maybe you should look in different places. Or write your own. Ian says:

There are lots of blogs out there, so I suggest that you need to be intentional about which blogs you read and that you start by being clear about what you want from them. […] You need to make your own mind up which are the ones for you, but there is a whole world of interesting, inspiring, and helpful HR blogs out there. And if you can’t find anything interesting about a subject, you might even want to consider starting your own blog!

It invites
I love how Doug Shaw gets to the core of what great blogging can achieve (inspired by a recent post from Neil Morrison):

A key reason why I like the piece so much is because it feels inclusive to me. It invites challenge, it invites participation, it invites.

Complex, succinct, challenging
I love Rick’s explanation of what appeals to him about the blog posts he finds most inspiring (and, in turn, inadvertently describes what makes his own blogging so strong – in my view):

Why do I do it? Dunno really! I’m not on a crusade, I’m not trying to get people to vote in a particular way and I’m not trying to sell anything. But I get a great deal from other people’s blogs. Reading blogs makes me think about things in a different way. To use Peter Cheese’s term, good bloggers are synthesisers and provocateurs. They pull together complex information, explain it succinctly and then challenge you to think about it. If I can synthesise and provoke a bit more in 2014, that will be good enough for me.

There’s a world of blogs and bloggers out there, writing on any and every topic you can and can’t imagine.

What defines great blogging for you?

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