#SaturdaySix September 2018: Skeletons, stand-up, introversion, aestivation

September’s #SaturdaySix – a sextet of things that have inspired or amused me over the past month. Includes: skeletons; the word “aestivation” (via the great Robert Macfarlane); lamps and introverts; Helen Reynold’s crash course in stand-up comedy; Daleks; and the lovely Coach George Raveling.

#SaturdaySix, June 2018 edition: Sharks, guinea pigs, close encounters of the Bill Murray kind

What’s floating your boat right now… or at least keeping you away from the sharks? Here’s my latest #SaturdaySix – a monthly round-up celebrating a sextet of things that are inspiring me. ONE: SHARKS Sharks. Is there something in the air? Or more likely the water? Perhaps it is our present proximity to the Fourth […]