MJCarty snapshots April 2023

Robins and rainbows, sunflowers and Wodehouse!  A few of my personal highlights from April 2023, captured in tiny wee snapshots.

This is my latest monthly selection of snapshots of things that caught my eye over these past few weeks, which taken together comprise the month of April 2023…

Wednesday 5 April 2023: Seeds sown, new life is emerging


Spring has been taking its sweet time to get fully underway. The dawn moment captured in the picture above was freezing cold. And it feels like this past month has brought more than its fair share of April showers to this part of the world. But all the same, Spring is manifesting all around us…


At long last, the sunflower seeds gifted to me by my lovely friend Liz Kentish are sown (for starting off in the mini greenhouse), along with the first veggies for 2023. So looking forward to seeing the sunflowers grow… somehow, this will be my first ever time trying sunflowers!


Later that same day, a walk in a local forest park brought numerous signs of spring slowly getting underway. Moss and dead bark, new buds sprouting forth, new life emerging.

Monday 10 April 2023: I see a rainbow rising…


In which a quite lovely rainbow appears, if fleetingly… A quite refreshing break from and upside to the seasonally apt April showers that have been such frequent visitors this past month.

Saturday 15 April 2023: Festoon’d!


A sparkly, rainbow-festoon’d stone, as spotted while out for a sunny afternoon stroll. I happened across a number of such decorated stones around town that day, making me wonder if a local school had challenged its pupils to decorate stones and leave them out on the street over the Easter holidays?

Monday 17 April 2023: First sighting!


The official first sighting of a sunflower grown by MJCarty!


Robin avec worm, lit by mellow afternoon sunshine (as spotted in my front garden). My friend Gurprriet Siingh  responded to this picture with a wonderful Wodehouse quotation that I’d somehow never heard before:

“Wodehouse said it so well. Worms better wake up late!”

Wednesday 20 April 2023: Tulip!


A most delightful tulip, enjoying the April sun!

Friday 21 April 2023: A long time…


“It takes a long time to become young”, opines the daily motto gent outside a local builders’ merchant. The “elderly people” crossing sign to his right feels oddly apt here.

Saturday 22 April 2023: An offer you can’t refuse?


My post In the present moving forwards included a drawing I did early last year , depicting Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in timeless cinematic masterpiece The Godfather.

Your snapshots

What about you, gentle reader? What has made or is making your month memorable? I would love to know! Post a comment below, or send me a tweet with your snapshots of April 2023.

May you be nothing but kind today, to others and to yourself.

May today be nothing but kind to you and yours.


  • All photography by MJCarty.

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