When I look back upon my life

Kevin Hart wisdom: When the final word of the final sentence of the book of your life is written, what will your story be? A post inspired by some wise words from Kevin Hart’s incredible podcast with Joe Rogan.

Your life is a single, continuous story. An epic, if you will. How you do one thing is how you do all things. What you do in the future matters just as much as what you are doing in the present and what you have done in the past. The sum of your life is a single narrative.

What was the ending to your book?


“My true understanding is, alright, you got one life, the goal for us is to live it to the best of our ability from the beginning to what’s said to be the end.”

This is Kevin Hart, from his 2019 podcast conversation with Joe Rogan*.  Throughout this two-hour chat, Hart radiates purest positivity, purest inspiration. I defy anyone to listen and not feel excitement and relish at the opportunities the next day might bring their way.

Hart talks about the uplifting effect of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you. By keeping the company of people who achieve and uplift, you yourself are uplifted, and can uplift others. Just listening to this two-hour podcast has this effect. I can only imagine the positive energy that Mr Hart must exude in person.

What inspires someone to be so tirelessly positive? Mr Hart says that he keeps one eye on how the story of his life will read when he breathes his last:

“It’s the story, man. We’re all writing a book. What’s your book look like? What does your fucking book look like? Your life is a book. A bunch of chapters in your book. But when they close that book, how good was the book? How good was your book? What was the ending to your book? If the ending to my book can be so amazing because of all that was done, all that was accomplished. All the things that can be associated with you and your existence become a part of the chapters in your book. So my drive is about my book.”

Sun don’t stop


With the book of his life in mind, he faces the world each day with a simple two-word question:

“Why not? All I’m doing is sparking the awareness in others to go ‘Why not?'”

Like everyone, life can wear him down. I love Hart’s take on how to power through these moments:

“Sun don’t stop for nobody, man. Sun don’t fuckin’ stop. Sun gon’ be up in the morning, regardless. Regardless of how I fuckin’ feel and how depressed I am, the sun is gonna fuckin’ shine in the morning and the nighttime the moon is gon’ be there. And you gon’ look up, these days gon’ keep going by. So you gon’ let the days go by and you gon’ look up and you done wasted a year by doing… what? Or do you just pick it up, figure it out, I made some mistakes, life goes on. Let me figure out life from this point. I’m a life goes on type of guy.”

May the sun rise over you, today and tomorrow. May its rays feed you, its light help guide you. When the time comes to look back upon your life (a long time from today, I sincerely hope), may the ending and each page prior to it be perfect.

May today be nothing but kind to you and yours.



* Here is the full episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, featuring Kevin Hart:

More Kevin Hart

  • You can read more about Kevin Hart’s approach to life in his book I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.
  • Hart’s May 2020 podcast conversation with Tim Ferriss on The Unstoppable Combination of Positivity and Relentless Improvement  also comes highly recommended.


  • Skeleton #Sketchulence by MJCarty. If you would like to purchase a print of this picture, please get in touch.
  • Mr Kevin Hart, via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Sun don’t stop photograph, snapped by MJCarty on 11 April 2019.

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