#Inktober 2019 (I): Yoda, roses, skeletons, Sinatra!

Inktober 2019 has begun! A pen and ink picture a day throughout October. Here’s my first selection of drawings, taking in Yoda, roses, skeletons and Sinatra!

This year I’m “debuting” each of my Inktober picutres on Instagram, then collecting that week’s works in a Saturday blog post. Check back each Saturday in October for the latest round-up of my #Inktober #Sketchulence!

Tuesday 1 October 2019



Found someone you have… I thought it wise to commence this year’s Inktober with some single-line #Sketchulence depicting Master Yoda.

Wednesday 2 October 2019



Thursday 3 October 2019


La femme.

Friday 4 October 2019


The lovely Mr Skeleton makes his debut appearance in Inktober 2019 (and rather pleased at this prospect he would appear to be, too!).

Saturday 5 October 2019


Skeletons for only the lonely… Mr Skeleton channels the pin-sharp stylings of old blue eyes himself, Mr Frank Sinatra. Ain’t he sweet?

The Skeleton Collection: My debut postcard set!


A set of three pictures of Mr Skeleton living his best SkeleLife, available to buy right now! Full details of how to order here.

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