Polar bear rescue: Introducing Hector Paula BearItAll!

Gentle reader: Please meet my new polar bear friend, Hector Paula BearItAll. My thanks to Charlotte Walker, Chris Brock and Bryan Wempen for helping name him!


My week has been dramatically improved by a tiny new addition to the family. Yesterday (Monday 12 August 2019) on my way home from work, I found a very lovely wee polar bear. He was lying on his side on a railway station platform. It looked as if he had been dropped from the bridge that passes over the platform, possibly by a child (and if anyone knows who this bear’s previous custodian might be, I will be delighted to return him to them).

I got some lovely suggestions! Charlotte Walker gave it some serious thought before landing on Hector.

Chris Brock went for the somewhat punsome Paula.

While over on Instagram, Bryan Wempen suggested #BearItAll!

So let us combine all three of these for the new name of this polar bear. Gentle reader: I give you – Hector Paula BearItAll!

I trust you will all be welcoming to Hector. Now let us conclude this brief celebratory post with this brief polar bear-related video that Liz Kentish tweeted to me yesterday, featuring her husband Dave.

  • For further polar bear-related bloggage, see also A preponderance of bears? (which features a remarkable tale of polar exploration from Simon Heath).

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