A tribute to @KateGL

This post is a short tribute to my wonderful friend Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, on the occasion of her birthday (Saturday 23 March 2019).

Many happy returns, Kate!

Kate is a person like no other. A friend like no other.


It has been my good fortune to know Kate for the best part of a decade.

In a guest blog post for Kate’s Leading Light blog on Christmas Day 2016 entitled Angels around you at all times, I wrote the following (apologies that this ends up as a quotation within a quotation situation):

Back in 2014, I wrote the following about our hostess in this advent blogs series, Mrs Kate Griffiths-Lambeth:

“I said to Ailsa Suttie earlier this year that Kate is perhaps the closest person to an angel that any of us are ever likely to meet. Kate has time for everyone, judges no-one, and is generous with her wisdom and support. Here are some beautiful words from a post she wrote last year: ‘Life is so short, but it offers an amazing journey, it would be a shame not to appreciate and enjoy each precious step.'”

There are angels around you at all times. Kate is one. I want to thank Kate for all she has done and does for me, for our community, for perfect strangers about whom none of us but Kate will ever know.

Leading light

Kate’s blog is entitled Leading Light. The title could not be a more apt summation of its author. Kate is a leading light for us all.

This week, Kate receives a fantastic recognition of her status as a true leading light.

Kate is to be a recipient of “the Freedom of the City of London award, as part of the City of London Corporation’s ‘100 Women for the Freedom’ campaign.” I am so delighted that Kate has been honoured in this way. It seems only apt that I learnt this lovely news on International Women’s Day (Friday 8 March 2019). It fair brought a tear to my eye. Kate receives the Freedom of the City of London* this coming Friday (29 March 2019). It makes it all the sweeter that this event takes place during her birthday week.

Congratulations, Kate. Many happy returns!



* Stephen Fry was granted the Freedom of the City of London a few years back. He was so kind as to capture the ceremony on film, for a fascinating documentary entitled Stephen Fry’s Key to the City – Exploring the Mysteries of the City of London. You can watch it in full on YouTube. The documentary also explains some of the privileges which come with this Freedom. One of these is the freedom to trade one’s sheep on London Bridge. Hence the bowler-hatted sheep in the spot of #Sketchulence at the top of this post (the original of which I have given Kate for her birthday).


  • Bowler-hatted sheep #Sketchulence by MJCarty.
  • Kate and MJCarty contemplating menu choices in 2016, snapped (papped?) by Neil Morrison.
  • Kate pointing a finger, the Old Bank of England pub, London, 2013. Full cast in this picture (L-R): MJCarty; Mervyn Dinnen; Tash Pieterse; Kate Griffiths-Lambeth; and Jose Franca. This picture comes from Mervyn’s Facebook page… but I cannot recall who might have taken it!

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