Peace to one and to all


Peace to one and to all.

Today and all days.

Gentle reader: Is there a word for that increasingly familiar feeling of the sharp realisation – whilst blearily looking at one’s social media updates first thing of a morning – that something terrible has happened?

For this to happen once in a lifetime is too often. For this to happen with the regularity it now does is unbearable.

This morning (Sunday 4 June 2017), I got this unnamed feeling once more from first happening upon a Facebook update from my good friend Alison Chisnell, mentioning that she had been out near London Bridge last night. And that thankfully she was safe. That such an update of reassurance should be needed could only mean something awful had occurred.

Last night’s terror attack in London – details of which are still emerging as I write – was as brutal, inhuman and cowardly as the recent attack in Manchester.

Pride, admiration, one love


How we respond to such events reveals so much about the human spirit.

It can bring out the worst. There are despicable tales of ticket touts looking to capitalise on the attacks in Manchester by profiteering on ticket’s to tonight’s One Love charity concert in Manchester.

It can also bring out the best. I can’t begin to describe the pride and admiration I feel for what Ariana Grande is doing. Faced with what happened, she could not be blamed for hiding away in a mansion for the rest of her life. But she is back over here in England, doing all she can to help and return love and hope to those that need it most.

The joy on the faces of some of the very young girls that had been caught up in the Manchester concert attack as Grande visited them in hospital. The resilience and love that I trust will be on the faces of all who attend the One Love concert tonight.

Earlier this morning, my Twitter friend Russ Jones tweeted something wonderful:

“The only thing that beats human capacity for hatred and violence is human capacity for love and sympathy.”


If I can urge you to do anything today, it would be to demonstrate that human capacity for love and sympathy wherever you can. You don’t need me to say this. I know you already will do.

Peace to one and to all.

Today and all days.

  • London terror attack: If you are concerned that anyone you know might have been affected in last night’s attack, visit the Met’s website.
  • Images: Taken on the walk I took this morning, trying to process the horrible news from London, and listening to joyous music to remind me of all that is best and most loving in us.

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