My Twitterversary: The grateful 8!


Twitterverse: Thank you for eight fantastic years of the wonderful and the quite wonderfully unexpected!

Today (17 January 2017) marks eight years since I joined the world of Twitter (as @mjcarty). My eighth Twitterversary, if you will. I love Twitter. It has truly changed my life for the better. It serves the new and unexpected realness every single day.

This is but a quick and humble post to say thank you. And I would like to offer you, gentle reader, two little gifts. And how about a quick (and almost insultingly easy AND tragically prizeless into the bargain) competition, too?

If you can tell me what links my two gifts (and what might also connect them to the image at the top of the page, which was sourced via Wikipedia).

Twitterversary gift the first: Social media and wellbeing

I have met so many great people via Twitter. Helen Reynolds is one of them. Here she shares some succinct, witty and wise advice on social media use, via her appearance on ITV Wales at Six last week. Go, Helen!

And by an amazing piece of social media serendipity (only discovered after this post went live), it turns out that Helen joined Twitter on 16 January 2009, meaning her Twitterversary is almost the same as mine! Twitter twins?

Twitterversary gift the second: Run, if you will, The Jewels

I got the most amazing Christmas gift via Twitter. I logged on to Twitter early on Xmas day to discover that my current favourite group, Run The Jewels, had surprised-released their eagerly-awaited new waxing #RTJ3 for free as a seasonal gift to the world. Here is the amazing first track (of an outright amazing album): Down.

Thank you once more, Twitter friends and Twitterverse.

If you tweet, when is your Twitterversary? And if you don’t tweet, why not come and join us?

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