Two good causes: #Billablehour16 & #ConnectingHRAfrica


Gentle reader, might I please beg a moment of your time to draw your attention to two superb and very timely causes, each of which is currently collecting donations? These are #BillableHour16 and #ConnectingHRAfrica.

#BillableHour16: Can you donate an hour’s pay?


#BillableHour16 is a beautifully simple concept. Why not consider, if you can, donating an hour’s pay to help Save the Children? The first #BillableHour campaign was dreamt up and launched by the wonderful, witty and wise Sean Jones a little over a year ago. Appalled at news of the plight of child refugees from Syria, Sean asked members of the legal profession to donate their rate for a billable hour’s work to benefit Save the Children. This ingenious idea gathered traction immediately. A lot of people outside of the legal profession also dipped into their pockets to donate their hourly rate of pay, or whatever they could spare. The initial target of £7,000 was

smashed. Last year’s #BillableHour campaign went on to raise north of £200,000. Sean launched #BillableHour16 on Thursday 1 September 2016. Please consider making a donation to #BillableHour16.

#ConnectingHRAfrica: “I will make a sustainable difference”


A little later this month, a small team of HR professionals will be heading to Uganda to assist the Retrak charity in its work with street children. The #ConnectingHRAfrica team includes my friends Donna Hewitson and Kate Griffiths-Lambeth. Donna has written an excellent and comprehensive post on #ConnectingHRAfrica, which includes links to the JustGiving pages set up by many of her fellow team members. I love Donna’s statement of intent: “
I WILL make a sustainable difference.” Kate has written a fascinating post about her own participation in #ConnectingHRAfrica, and her familial connection to Uganda. I would like to wish every success to each member of the #ConnectingHRAfrica team. Please consider making a donation.


  • Unsightly scrawl at top of page from the hand of your humble correspondent.
  • Billable Hour logo download via
  • #ConnectingHRAfrica logo created by the brilliant Simon Heath. Thank you, sir!

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