After the snow, the silence

There’s just something transportingly beautiful about waking to find it’s snowed overnight. The world is still, silent and white.

This morning (Sunday 17 January 2016, also my seventh Twitterversary) is the first day on which any snow has settled in the nearly 18 months since I moved here. It was an honour and a delight to go for an early morning walk as the sun rose. I listened to David Bowie’s new and tragically final album Blackstar (which is stunningly beautiful, and all the more so with the realisation that his awful passing provides that it is also generous beyond belief, a goodbye to the world and to life and to all that both meant to him), then Tony Scott’s Music for Zen Meditation, the title of one of the pieces (After the Snow, the Fragrance) I have half-inched and adapted for this post. Here’s the piece in question:

And here are a few more pictures from this very snowy morning.

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