The single greatest tweet I have ever received

If you are one who tweets, what’s the single greatest tweet you have ever received? What combination of 140 characters or fewer has brought you the most joy and/or had you diving fastest for the “favourite” button?

Gentle reader, I think I have just today (Saturday 25 April 2015) had tweeted unto me the single greatest tweet I have ever received. It came from the very lovely Nicholas Creswell, within the last hour or so. The tweet conveys so much joy and happiness in so few characters. I would also never necessarily have expected to have conjured up the delightful mental image that it conjures up. And neither, it would seem, would Mr Creswell’s guests…

Here’s the link to the tweet in question. And without further ado, here’s a pic thereof, too (plus the few tweets leading up to it, for context)!


The escalator of which we were tweeting is none other than the one escalating upwards from the ticket hall of London’s National Portrait Gallery. If you’re ever London-ing, I would highly recommend spending a few hours there.

Two years ago, I had a transportingly brilliant few moments at said gallery. I’d popped in to pass a few minutes whilst on my way to a tweet-up. I happened upon John Singer Sargent’s portrait of Henry James (also reproduced below. I make no claim to the copyright for this image, and will be more than happy to remove it if required).  I’d never seen this portrait before. I was transfixed. I completely lost track of the time I spent staring at it. It was an early Thursday evening, and I could swear  I could almost hear Mr James’ quiet breathing, the longer I spent in his company. Has any work in any gallery ever had such a transportive effect on you? Please get in touch and let me know.


As I made my way out of the gallery, via the above-mentioned escalator, there was a DJ setting up for some post-work neo-club evening. He was playing Neil Young’s beautiful, gentle version of Harvest Moon (from his amazing Unplugged album). I’d not heard that song in more than two decades, but all sorts of lovely memories came flooding back.

I’ve been absolutely spoilt in Twitter terms this week, with another tweet that makes me very happy. On Wednesday 22 April, I had the privilege of unexpectedly and at long last getting to meet my long-standing Twitter friend Helen Tracey in real life for the first time, as we both turned out to be at the same conference in Canary Wharf. It was a delight. Helen took and tweeted the following “selfie” (as I believe people younger and hipper than I call them). This is another of the greatest tweets I have ever received.


What’s the single greatest tweet you’ve ever received? Please share!

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