Of TARDISes, HR, John Cleese and me


I was delighted to be invited by US HR blogger Kyle Jones to take part in his HR to Who Interview series. Where else would I get the opportunity to answer questions both on matters HR and Doctor Who? You can see the interview over on Kyle’s blog: The HR to Who Interview: Michael Carty.

It’s not all about Doctor Who by any means – I also got to talk a good bit about the greatness of the global HR social media community, and I offer a starter list of 10 great HR people to follow, or any HR types that might be new to Twitter.

For those who are either Doctor Who fans, or at least mildly Timelord-curious, I also included a short list of top stories to give you a taste of the best of what Doctor Who is all about you (scroll to the bottom of this post to see the tales I chose).

And why not join in the HR to Who fun? Here are two questions. Feel free to answer one, both, or neither:

  1. If you had to compile a starter list of five HR Twitter types to follow, who would be on said list?
  2. If you had to select just one Doctor Who story that represents all that you like (or, indeed, hate) about Doctor Who, what would it be?

And here’s a wee treat to you for being so good as to read this far. While tracking down the YouTube link that I included in my interview, I also came across this little gem (of the very existence of which I had previously been unaware). Did you know that John Cleese and Tom Baker (the latter as the Doctor) appeared together in a mini-sketch way back then? Here it is!

Five stories that convey what’s great about Doctor Who:


  • The image at the top of this post is a screengrab from the above YouTube video, which was posted by Monty Python’s PythoNET. I do not own the copyright for the above image or video, and am willing to remove them immediately if necessary.

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