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Our values should be a constant through life’s journey. Pinned permanently to the top of the Twitter timeline of my friend David D’Souza are some wise words from US comedian Jon Stewart on values: “If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested, they aren’t values: they are hobbies” "If you don't […]

#SaturdaySix March 2018: #Sketchulence, Jaws, Shandling’s Zen & more!

Beware the #SaturdaySix of March! This is my latest monthly round-up of six things that are inspiring me right now. And I’d love to know – what are you finding inspirational, right this minute? 1: Sketchulence Introducing #Sketchulence, a home for sketches, scribblings, scrawlings, art, photography and musings, created or curated by – in a […]