How do you feel inside when all around you is frozen? The smallest gesture can have the most profound and unexpected impact. The smallest gesture can melt the ice. Every year as the festive mania heats up, I revisit a 2010 post by dearly departed and eternally mysterious blogger The HRD, entitled You’ve been shopped. […]

A black & white week: Stagulent statuary, coffee, space broccoli

What would seven days in your life look like without colour, without people? Here are my pictures of a monochromatic week in the life of one @mjcarty. Fresh from last month’s #Inktober daily drawing challenge, my lovely friend Kate Griffiths-Lambeth set me another challenge, one that she herself was also undertaking. Take a photograph a day […]

‘My every incarceration’: From Iggy Pop to Buddhism in one wonderful misreading

How does one skip from Iggy Pop’s “colourful” past to an enlightening discussion of Buddhism in one simple move? One of the things I love most about social media is the potential for the most fascinating and enriching of discussions to come out of left field. Unlike in the so-called real world, such conversations can […]