Give good thank you

Gratitude has immense power. Give good thank you to all you meet today.

Life is all too often a hair-tearingly frustrating maze. The path through to the other side might seem impossibly convoluted, the prize that may or may not be waiting for you unreachable.

When you are lost in the maze, just hearing the simplest words -if brusque, impatient, or mindless – can make everything 10 times worse. Discouragement is real. And often both unnecessary and avoidable.

Equally, just hearing the simplest words – if perfectly pitched, timed and thought-through by the person that speaks them – can make it all feel so much better. A path through the maze might at once reveal itself. Positive and encouraging words can resound in a way that gives the listener the inspiration or fortitude to push on through and out of the maze.


Simple words of thanks, whether spoken or written, can mean the world. Gratitude has immense power, both for those who give it and those who are so lucky as to receive it. This is perfectly expressed in some wonderful words tweeted back in January 2019 by my lovely friend Heather Bussing:


“Want to change your perspective?

Always put your compliments in writing.

Also, learn to give good thank you.

Thank you!”

Gratitude and grace, humility and helpfulness. Whether you are giving or receiving thanks, your words can cause ripples and repercussions far beyond what you might imagine. Best to pitch them carefully and with full generosity of spirit.

Give good thank you to all you meet today.

Thank you, gentle reader, for taking the time to read these words today.

May today be nothing but kind to you and yours.



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  1. Thank you Michael for your thoughtful and eloquent post. I was only thinking this morning that I needed to stop moaning so much and turn my lens back to kindness. In this regard, I’m almost reminded of the slightly apocryphal saying attributed wrongly I think to Socrates: “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.” That is where I’ll be standing today. Blessings to you and yours. Julian

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