Star Wars single-line #Sketchulence

Star Wars #Sketchulence: A selection of folks from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, each sketched in a single line without lifting pen from paper.

Not such a long time ago, and in a galaxy not so very far away, I gave single-line sketching a go. As the name suggests, this involves creating a drawing in just one flowing line, only lifting nib from paper once the image is done.

I’ve amassed quite a few Star Wars-related pieces of single-line #Sketchulence over the past year or so, including some penned during the coronavirus pandemic. For a little frivolity in the midst of all that befalls us right now, here are my collected Star Wars single-line #Sketchulence pictures.

Who should I draw next?

Gentle reader, the Force will be with you. Always.

Vader (serving dark side of the Force realness).


Stormtrooper 1.

30 Inktober_30Oct2019_Stormtrooper_CROPPED

Stormtrooper 2.







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